Full Name
Charles Kirmuss
Job Title
CTO and Supply Chain Manager
Speaker Bio
Charles Kirmuss is the Chief Technology Officer and Supply Chain Manager for BLOSSOM LLC, and owns the Kirmuss & Associates Consultancy since 1979. He is recognized globally as a speaker on technology and since 2007 been an invited and respected speaker on various technology and IP issues at the Global Sources Electronics Sourcing and Technology Trade Show in Hong Kong. The largest of its kind. BLOSSOM LLC is a manufacturer of 5 channel variable CPU controlled spectrum LED grow lights for A-G, Flower, Medicine, and Cannabis with a built-in time/date/scheduler control. Kirmuss since 1979 has introduced various technologies to the markets of process and production control, municipal water distribution, electronic security, digital video and audio streaming as well as facilitating technology transfers between Overseas manufacturers and US Technology leaders. Mr. Kirmuss holds many patents issued and pending and where Mr. Kirmuss has been designing commercial LED grow light solutions for over half a decade, focused on plant growth cycles and the effect of sun and altitude on plant growth and harvests.
Charles Kirmuss