2021 Preliminary Conference Program

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Session Description

Keynote: The Impact of Supplemental Light Intensity on Cannabis Sativa Morphology, Growth, and Production in the Greenhouse 

Dr. Ricardo Hernandez, Assistant Professor, Horticultural Science Program, North Carolina State University  

Light intensity is a key element in impacting the biomass of cannabis crops grown in a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) setting.

The keynote will reveal data gathered through study of the vegetative and flowering stages of growth with different supplemental light intensities undertaken with the mission of maximizing nursery and flower yields. The research also identified effects on the overall plant morphology. The work combines the goal of improving plant production while also improving the sustainability of CEA systems and techniques.

Session 1: Quality and Quantity of Light for Optimum Plant Response

Lighting for plants is the most important of the parameters that growers can control in CEA settings. The speakers in our fist session will explore the interaction of lights and plant growth and reveal the latest thinking on intensity and quality in terms of spectra.

Session 2: Total Environmental Control for CEA

Today’s modern CEA facilities are being created to control all aspects of the environment in which plants are cultivated. We will takes a deep look at the control technologies being deployed, how technologies such as artificial intelligence come into play, and exactly what environmental elements are critical for maximum yield.

Session 3: Plenary Panel — Voices from the Farms

Hosted by Erico Mattos of GLASE

Experienced growers operating green houses, vertical farms, and other CEA operations know first hand the challenges and opportunities of the horticultural sector.

Our HortiCann Plenary Panel will be conducted in a question and answer format with experienced vegetable growers who have an understanding of the complete lighting and AgTech landscape and that know what works. Topics for discussion will span technology, sustainability, plant science, business and more.

The panel will deliver invaluable insights to the breadth of the horticultural community spanning other growers to investors to AgTech and lighting product manufacturers.

Session 4: CEA and AgTech Greenrush

Imagine the day where horticultural operations will be raking in investment capital, see companies going public on a regular basis, and have an emerging cultivar and sector that can drive growth even higher.

Now wait right there just one minute! That is an apt description of where we are today.

Society desperately needs CEA advancements to feed the world’s growing population. Meanwhile legalized medicinal and recreational cannabis has created an entirely new industry that is moving to operate on national and even global scales. Session three will dig into the opportunities at hand.